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Best Ways to Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean

It’s easy to get lazy and neglect your car’s interior. Although we like to keep the outside of our vehicle clean, many people don’t focus nearly as much attention to the interior simply because fewer people see it. However, with a few easy steps, you can form long lasting habits that will keep your car clean for the long run.

Although your cleaning habits may be different than those of others, there are likely some commonalities you share with other drivers.

Leaving Items in the Car

This one seems obvious, but it contributes a lot to a car’s interior cleanliness. I find that I often leave something in the car (because I’m too lazy to throw it out at the time) with the intention of throwing it out later when I’m at the car wash.

It’s much easier to just throw out the little pieces of garbage (eg. unimportant papers, a plastic wrapper, etc.) before they start to accumulate. This will make your next car cleaning more manageable and less time consuming. Your passengers will thank you for it as well.

Cleaning On a Schedule

Some people find it helpful to do a weekly interior and exterior clean. Cleaning your car on this sort of schedule will prevent any buildup of dirt or dust, and will definitely enhance the driving experience.

Perform a Thorough Clean Every 6 Months

A thorough seasonal clean is a great idea for every car owner. During winter months, your car’s carpets get soaked and can develop bacteria growth. It is important to keep your car especially clean during these months. Shampooing your carpets may be a good idea as well.

Using Our Cleaning Products

We have a variety of car cleaning kits and individual products that will help you keep your car clean.

A pack of cleaning products containing a microfiber washing mitt, wax applicator and sponge
Car Wash Cleaning Kit – a 9 piece kit consisting of a sponge, cloths, tire brush, a cleaning towel, and other items to get you started.
A car cleaning kit including a sponge, brush, bucket, water scraper, and towel
Car Wash Tool Cleaning Kit
– a 14 piece kit that includes a foldable bucket, a long brush, a wiper, a towel, and other cleaning tools.
A black hand-held vacuum cleaner for car cleaning
Car Vacuum Cleaner – a portable vacuum cleaner used to keep your car’s interior clean.

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