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Car Wash Cleaning Kit (9pc Set)



Included products: 1 car tire brush + 3 terry cloth waxing cakes + 8-shaped high and low hair car wash sponge block + glass towel / warp knit towel / waffle + 1 high and low hair gloves
Color: dark gray series, orange series, net weight: about 365 grams
High and low wool gloves: 25 * 17CM, 8-shaped high and low wool coarse mesh sponge block: 20 * 12 * 5.5CM,
Warp-knitted towels, 280G / M2, glass towels, 280G / M2,
Waffle, 300G / M2, size: 25 * 25CM,
Three terry cloth waxing cakes, size: 12.5 * 2CM,
Braid cloth tire brush 5 * 4 * 29cm
Material: Polyamide
Specification size: 28 * 33 * 6CM

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